Apitherapy Beehive aerosol 
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Apitherapy Beehive aerosol

Apitherapy  Beehive aerosol

Apitherapy is a branch of alternative medicine,  that uses beehives and bee products including honey, propolis and royal jelly to strengthen the immune system and health. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use apitherapy in their daily lives.

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use apitherapy in their daily lives.

Beehive Apitherapy

Inhaling the air from beehives has positive effects on psychophysical wellbeing. Spending a few hours in an apiary inhaling the aerosol (air filled with etheric smells of bees), along with the positive energetic charge, boosts the immune system, positively affects the respiratory organs, reduces stress and improves general wellbeing. Beehive air inhalation has proven to be very effective against respiratory illnesses, but the most effective has turned out to be the fight against immune disorders, such as allergies, susceptibility to infections, or chronic sinusitis.

With certain illnesses, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“smoker’s lung”) no full recovery is to be expected, but only a partial easing of symptoms. In this case beehive air inhalation must be repeated yearly.

Beehive air inhalation, despite already being a success story, is still in its initial phase. Much scientific investigation is still required. There are no results yet from long term studies, so for the time being one must mainly rely on the statements of clients regarding successful recoveries.

Of course there is the issue of possible contraindications and incidents in the course of the inhalation. The answer is simple: the inhalation can be immediate interrupted should any adverse reactions occur. Fortunately, in the long history of beehive air inhalation there has not a single instance of contraindication, side effect, overdose, allergy, or intolerance.

Apitherapy  Beehive aerosol

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