What bees call home

Which is the best beehive to start the bee-keeping?

Before you commit your hard-earned cash to the purchase of a beehive, consider following factors:


Does the hive allow the use of standardized equipment and accessories? Having one that allows you to share hive accessories such as brood and honey frames can be a plus.

Minimal Disturbance

An ideal beehive makes it easy to work on the hive with little disturbance of the bees.

Production factor

Choose a hive that inhibits drone production and maximizes honey and brood production.

Efficient Design

The beehive box chosen should have a design that provides your bees with the right temperature and aeration.

Transportation factor

For best convenience chooses a hive that can easily be disassembled and assembled.

Material quality

The best beehive boxes are those built using good quality material.

Budget factor

Our budgets are never equal, this will dictate what one can afford.

Best Bee Hive Boxes – find here various beehive boxes types   

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