Thank You for Your Support!

Supporting our honey bee populations thrive is vital to the wellbeing and future of the humanity.
Donations goes to ICDI Non-Profit Organization that is financing this project.
Donor of 350 USD can be considered an adopter of a shared beehive
Donor of 500 USD can be considered an adopter of a beehive.
Donor of any amount is considered a supporter and savior of the bee species and receives a certificate from us.
Donor of multiple of 500 USD can be considered a multiple beehives adopter.
Donor of multiple of 350 USD can be considered a multiple shared beehives adopter.

Help us save the honeybee!

With your donations support, Thehoneyhey will be able to carry on our programs to sustain the beekeeping and honey industry, as well as work to preserve and protect honey bees habitats.

Your contribution directly supports:

  • bee-friendly farming (avoiding agricultural chemicals);
  • beekeeping industry remain viable;
  • strategic research and education;
  • tech implementations in bee life;
  • expand bee habitats – wide variety of plants;
  • increase food security;
  • the image of honey and ensure the purity of honey;
  • small-scale research projects;
  • the requirements of the bees over the year;
  • and more.
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