Beehive, Bee family adoption

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All adopters are gifted with honey from our bees as recognition for donating.
Become an adopter and get rewarded two jar of our delicious honey!

Straight from the hive!

Every month!

100% unprocessed raw honey.

2000 in stock (can be backordered)

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Saving the bees, save the world! And get 2 jars of our delicious honey for it! Every month!

Become an adopter today! Because you are an adopter, you get free honey straight from the hive!

100% unprocessed raw honey.

Above all, bees are the most important species on the planet. Yes, it is official. (click) We hope to save the bees.

Beehive adoption with a donation to help save the bees, save the world, and get honey for it!

Donate and open an adopter account here!

Signup on our platform and start monitoring your beehive.

Meanwhile, let the beekeepers do their work!

To sum up, withdraw your delicious honey on a monthly basis!

Discover the health benefits and enjoy the natural wonders of honey!

Our philosophy is so simple: Save the bees, save the world. And get honey for it!

Because our mission is to multiply the number of bees around the world, we designed this project so that any person, company, organization, group or family, now has the possibility to adopt a bee family and a real beehive. The adopters are gifted with free honey. We already started and delivered honey to all of our adopters, all around the world.

We are happy to offer two types of adoption programs, both with free honey as a gift from the bees. A one time donation only can get you into the adoption program. Choose your plan and adopt a beehive!

In conclusion, Adopt now

Using the blockchain technology we are able to keep a safe record and to offer the trust and transparency.

      1. Adopters see their hive/s:
        1. Inspection
        2. Weight 
        3. Weather (live on hive location)
        4. Frames/hive
        5. Honey to withdraw (stacking)
        6. Bees behavior 
        7. Strength 

Bee population is in a global decline and as a result it pose threats to food security and the maintenance of biodiversity. For honeybees for instance, large monitoring programs indicate unprecedented rates of colony losses, in particular in Europe and North America, but also around the world. “For so work the honey bees, creatures that by a rule in nature teach the act of order to a peopled kingdom.” – William Shakespeare


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