Bee families need your support!

Who is it for?

Your family

The Johnsons are a family of five. Mr. and Ms. Johnson and their three children. They all make a donation to adopt one real beehive (500 USD). Now they have an adopter account on our management platform and they can withdraw two jars of rare 100% pure and top quality honey every month and enjoy it together. As any other adopter they can see their hives’ stats from their bee family adopted.

Who is it for?

Your company

The Company is adopting 100 beehives to reward their best employees! Getting from the bees over a ton of honey /year! What to do with the honey from the bees they saved? Donate it to different charities. Give it to more employees. Help the ones that don’t have access to it. Brand it and sell it. Some restaurants, hotels or coffee shops can use the adoption programs to help save the bees and have honey to make their clients happy!

Who is it for?


Logan Oliver became an adopter with a donation of 500 USD. He is gifted with two jars of rare 100% pure honey, every month! Until 2022, only pays the shipping using any company he chooses, to be shipped anywhere in the world. He uses the extra honey he gets for free from the bees to add his own branding label on the jar and sell it to make an extra buck to adopt more beehives and hopefully transform it into a small personal business.

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