Thehoneyhey project roadmap


Early stages of Bee families quest.

Initiated project preparation.

Planted 100 real beehives and started beekeeping in an experimental crowdfarming environment with Alpha and Beta colonies, delivering free honey to adopters;

Planted 800 real beehives and designed the new architecture to start competitive intelligence operations and to upgrade the system for scaling.


Further stages of Bee families quest.

The scaling procedures start also with the affiliation of various beekeepers on various territories for lowering the risk for the bees and also diversifying the honey types. Increasing the number of bee families adopted and delivering honey anywhere in the world: 1kg honey/month and 0.5kg honey/month. 2000 physical beehives.

Targeting the next phase for the objective of 5800 real beehives adopted and saved. Scaling procedures continues with implementing more hives and increasing the number of bees around the world, initiating strategic international partnerships and upgrading the production system design.

Adding the 3000 real beehives from the shared adoption program (0.5kg of honey/month) to the 2800 real beehives in place (1kg of honey/month) and finalizing the 5800 total real beehives objective. Purchasing and using a developed mobile laboratory for checking the bees and testing the honey. Vital life system implementation and delivering to adopters, proven through successful mission operations.

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