Beehive adoption: How to donate and how to adopt

We decided that a one-time donation only gets you into the beehive adoption program, limited.

Therefore donations are available for multiple hives adoptions and adopters keep their privileges. An adopter who donated for 100 beehives is allowed to 100 times more honey than a single beehive adopter.

Gifts for adopters? For instance, what a beehive adopter receives:
  • The famous bee superhero adopter recognized certificate to print and put on the wall
  • Two jars of our delicious honey EVERY MONTH
  • Access to our platform to monitor the hives
      • Inspections dates
      • Weight information
      • Weather (live on hive location)
      • Frames updates
      • Honey to withdraw (stacking HEY)
      • Bees behavior inside the hive
      • Strength of the bee family
  • A fixed amount of HEY tokens in the platform
    • HEY tokens can be withdrawn on adopter’s personal wallet
      • Adopter stays in the program as long as he does not transfer the tokens, so obviously we don’t recommend trading the HEY tokens.

As an adopter, do I have the satisfaction that someone is taking good care of the bees and that I helped preserve the bee species? Yes!

FREE HONEY, 2 jars of honey every month

This is a bonus and you can benefit also!

The project includes this rewards to the adopters. This is why we choose our motto to be: Save the bees, save the word. AND GET HONEY FOR IT! In other words, we consider this one of the best deals man has made with nature.

Thank you for choosing this adoption program! In addition please make sure to spread the word and share about this limited adoption crowd-farm offering!

The purpose of the project Thehoneyhey is to help to save over as many bee families and also to support beekeepers around the world take very good care of the bee families and ensure their survival. As a result, Thehoneyhey unites adopters, bees, and beekeepers from all over the world in a single platform to ensure preserving the bees.

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