Philipp, DE
Beehive lover

As an alpha adopter, I’ve seen this project evolve during its first year.

From a customer perspective, you managed to go from an honest and well-meaning idea to a functioning business infrastructure. One which is easy to participate in, thanks to the usage of crypto tokens, and which actually supports and achieves ecologically and environmentally necessary goals.

There’s no life without bees, and there’s a high chance there’ll be no bees without guys like you.

Honest thanks and applause for what you’re doing, and how you’re going about it.

Being supportive of environmentally friendly, but also progressive projects, I followed this one closely since the initial adoption phase. I’ve been honestly amazed by the amount of work and transparency that you guys put into your project and the community. Watching the establishment and constant growth of a bee farm, and being able to easily participate in it as an early adopter, has been a rewarding experience in itself.

The regular deliveries of delicious honey sweeten that experience even more 🙂

Of course, there’s been rocks along the way related to the relentless crypto market. You managed to find a path, stick to your ambitious goals, and earn the support of a friendly community.

I’m super excited about the things that will develop from that base you’ve built, and looking forward to chat with you about these early days in the years to come.

Here’s a project that shows a completely different use case for crypto, unrelated to your usual narratives of finance or network gas. Here’s how crypto allows the establishment of a business that is easy to participate in for the regular guy, and here’s also the demonstration of how to do that in a transparent, friendly and environmentally productive way.

Guys – I want to thank you for the work you’ve been doing in the last year or two.  It’s been super rewarding to follow you along the path and watch your idea grow from vision to sustainable business, and of course, receiving the regular deliveries of delicious honey.

Wishing you the best, and as a supporter, looking forward to the future of the project and the positive impact it is going to have.

Philipp, Deutschland

Mihai, RO
Bee life supporter

Hello everyone, my name is Mihai and I found the Apismellifera (later TheHoneyHey) project after I read about them on the internet and I liked very much the idea of adopting bee families thus saving them and – as a bonus – receiving 1 kg of pure, raw honey per month delivered quarterly.
I discovered a great team of people who have the bees and our planet at their hearts and strive to develop the project to be a win-win situation for all.
Along the way there have been challenges – and will be – regarding the project but the team did it’s best to overcome everything (even though it meant changes and subsequent comments from the existing adopters because some liked the ideas but others didn’t) and deliver on their promises.
Ciprian and the whole team showed they have adopters at heart and decisions being taken are focused on balancing the best interest of adopters and the business which is an approach I appreciate.
I already received my first bonus honey from the bees (believe me it’s delicious you have to try it out) and I’m awaiting the second in the near future.
As it is not easy to run a business and you can’t take the profit for granted from the next day, you have to plan, build and secure it through efficient work, wise decisions, cost balancing, investments and all require time, dedication and love for what you do!
Like in the everyday life, you can’t please everyone with decisions taken and future vision but being honest, responsive, open-minded and always searching for best solutions will make the project move further and thrive, I know it’s possible and will be achieved with perseverance, tenacity, and goodwill.

If you love and care about our planet Earth and want to help make it be a better place as we all desire, you should join the project and start to make a difference!

TheHoneyHey – adopt a bee family, help the Planet today!

Mihai, Romania

Jacek, DE
Bee life supporter

I always found bees interesting. Such small creatures and yet such an impact on our lives. Without bees, a huge number of products dependent on pollinators won’t be available anymore.

Then I found out about the Beehive project. You invest and have practically a beehive. Each month you receive 1kg of honey. Awesome. I was thrilled and also skeptical. Investing through crypto in a project like that? Won’t I be scammed? But then I thought: Well, let’s give it a try.

I have to tell you that I do not regret it at all. After a couple of months, I received my first honey package. 3kg of honey – I still haven’t finished it 😀 After another couple of months, another 6kg.

I am super thrilled and I like to project. I do hope, that it expands and gets better. The team is great and very helpful.

Sure it is a new project and there is room to improve, but so far, this is one of the first crypto projects which I am very happy with.

Jacek, Deutschland

Cassius, UK
Honey lover

The guys are clearly experienced beekeepers who know their way around an apiary. While that’s what you’d hope for and expect, expertise in your chosen business area isn’t something you can take for granted in the crypto world. But what really stands out is communication. There are regular photo and video updates, giving a window into the project. And messages to the team are answered promptly and helpfully – with a personal response that is unusual anywhere, let alone in crypto. Lastly, it’s nice to receive a physical product for your crypto investment: a regular quarterly honey dividend to sweeten your portfolio.

Cassius, United Kingdom

Rene, RO
Bee lover

Keep up the good work @thehoneyhey team.

Better future management, more widespread of sweetness.

Long live the bees🐝!

Rene, Romania

Priyank, IN
Beehive manager

I am Priyank, I am from India. I got to know about the project when it was still in the early stages of the formation, and am since a part of the active community of people. The team has been very supportive and responsive at every stage of the project throughout. I have loved the way Cip has handled the project, all the way, to this stage. In the crypto world, where about 99% of the projects are just a “paper-thin”, this is a physical one, and it has delivered. Sure, there have been many ups and downs through the journey, but well, that’s how life goes, ain’t it? 😉

I think the future with the bees will bright, especially when many people around the world are interested, such that this project became successful.

P.S.: You cannot beat the tastes of different kinds of honey you get from your hives! Not with anything! 😃

Priyank, India

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